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India’s music scene is one of its pride and joy. With a lot of talented artists providing unique songs, Hindi songs are renowned by music lovers all over the world. What makes Hindi songs stand out is their catchy tunes and upbeat rhythms that’ve been associated with Bollywood movies. 

Here at Allahabad music, we want to make sure that every artist gets exposure by providing reviews, updates and news for Hindi song lovers out there. Our team is committed to giving insights to readers that can help the music industry thrive. We have a group of writers who are music enthusiasts and give their best to provide quality content across all platforms. Here are some of the articles you can expect from us: 


Here at Allahabad music, we provide the latest news on music artists you follow. Our team of news writers cover talented musicians across the country to give you all the updates you need. No need to look far if you want to know more about your favourite bands or musicians because we got you covered! 

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Ever wonder what your favourite musicians like? Are you curious about what they do when they’re not making music? Here at Allahabad music, we have feature articles that can give you insights and never-released details about your favourite artists. Don’t miss out on the hottest articles you can read here at Allahabad!


Here at Allahabad Music, we have feature interviews of different artists on a regular basis. Get to know your favourite artists more when you tune in to our interviews every Saturday. You can watch our interviews on our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Additionally, you can also find them on our website. 

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I’m an avid fan of music and Allahabad music has been a great help in expanding my horizons in the artists I can listen to. If before I just listened to mainstream music, I’ve now learned to appreciate classical and Indie artists. Additionally, they also release exciting interviews and articles that helped me appreciate music more!

Arjit Kumar, 24 

I’ve been following Allahabad music since they launched their website. I’m always looking forward to their reviews especially when they feature new artists and not just mainstream musicians in the scene. I appreciate their quality articles and how they deliver their content across all platforms. If you’re looking for a good site to give you music updates, subscribe to Allahabad. 

Vikash Singh, 21

If you’re a music fan and you want to subscribe to a page with good music updates, Allahabad music is the best site you can visit. What makes them a good site is that they have an easy-to-use interface ideal for beginners.

Anuskha Kerwal, 23