Introducing the 5 best rising music artists in India

Music is an ever-growing and changing art. Whether it influences society or vice versa, there will always be a new style and talent in the scene. Sadly, the setup works a little differently here in India. Instead, the industry has majorly been capitalised on by the gigantic Bollywood, and it seems that there is absolutely no escaping it.

However, you, as the consumer, can do something about it. While India’s prolific music industry is undoubtedly monopolised, that doesn’t stop aspiring artists to share with the world their talent. If you are looking for new stories and emotions to listen to, Allahabad Music lists down on this page five emerging Indian artists who should have a spot on your playlist. 

  1. Adi
  • Genre: R&B and hip hop

Fully known as Aditya Lodha, Adi is Mumbai-bred hip-hop and R&B artist. As the youngest member in a family of 16, he was exposed to several artists from different genres. From the melodies of Indian musical maestros like Kishore Kumar, he also takes inspiration from the Western taste of Lil Wayne and Kanye West. In 2020, he finally released his first track entitled ‘Pigeonholed’. It is a mature commentary on India’s music industry expressed in an eclectic palette of sonic elements. 

  1.  Nothing Anonymous
  • Genre: Electronic

Anyone here a fan of drum machines and synthesisers? Nothing Anonymous is a must search artist! Made up of Nirmit Shah and Ambika, they are a modern electronic duo who use broken beats, dream synths, and vocal melodies to produce extremely chill vibes. Their influences are from neo-soul, dream pop, and hip-hop, which you can perceive in their latest EP (extended play) entitled ‘Here to Stay’. 

  1. Ritviz
  • Genre: Indian pop, EDM, hip hop, classical, rap, and pop

25-year-old Ritviz started his music career in 2017, but now, he is also a songwriter, electronic musician, and record producer. Since his song ‘Udd Gaye’ was featured on A.I.B (All India Bakchod)’s official YouTube channel, he is one of the few artists in the world who experienced a meteoric rise to fame in just a short period of time. Fast forward to 2021, Forbes listed him under their ‘30 under 30 list of 2021’. 

  1. Thugs Unit
  • Genre: Hip hop, reggae, and Hyderabad

Like Nothing Anonymous, Thugs Unit is a duo made up of hip hop and rappers Mo Boucher and Irish Boi. In fact, these brilliant artists have long been in the industry, where they are often regarded as India’s finest and most seasoned versatile rappers. It was just so recently that they resurfaced into the scene after a six-year hiatus with their comeback album in November 2020 called ‘Resurrection 040’.

  1. Parvaaz
  • Genre: Progressive rock, alternative rock, folk-rock

Present since 2010, Parvaaz is a contemporary rock band made up of three to four members. As of today, it consists of Khalid Ahmed, Fidel Dsouza, and Sachin Banandur. Their expressive rootedness to the rock genre is what has made them astoundingly unique. 

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