Allahabad Music: Why Bollywood songs are awesome

Feel the beat and the rhythm when you listen to Bollywood songs. Find out why they are awesome here at Allahabad Music. The reason why Bollywood songs are amazing is because they have a unique quality that Hollywood songs don’t have.

It’s very hard for an outsider like myself to explain what it is that makes Bollywood songs so special. I guess it’s kind of like how Shakespeare is better than other authors. His language and his meter and rhyme scheme are just natural. It seems to me that Bollywood songs are just plain “better” because of the way they are put together. Like I said earlier, I’m sure many of you already know this but, just for the record… Bollywood Is The Biggest Film Industry In The World! And one of the best known song writers in India is Jayanta Hazarika also known as “Jaidev” who has written hit after hit for both Bollywood stars and for singers all over the world.

Additionally they have a hypnotic effect on people who hear them. This happens due to the fact that…

They Are Simple, Yet Complex!

Bollywood songs are simple and easy to understand. On the surface, they appear to be nothing more than catchy tunes with a vague meaning. However, dig just a wee bit deeper and you will find that each and every song has a complex inner structure. It’s this complexity which gives the song its hypnotic quality. For example, let’s take a look at the song “Tere Bina” by Kishore Kumar. (Listen to a sample here: tere-bina) This is one of those Bollywood songs which is so simple-on-the-surface that it seems like a child could understand it. That’s true. Any first-year college student could easily explain what this song is all about. However, if you listen to the song, you will soon discover that there is a complex, intricate meaning to each and every line of the song. Here are the main points:

The singer wants his lover to return home. But he understands that she may not be able to do so right away. So he asks her to please give him “some time.

 Moreover,  they have the rhythmic patterns, melodic phrases, chord progressions and the powerful lyrics that weave an extremely tight and exciting pattern of harmony and counterpoint throughout the song.

Hindi songs (in general) and Bollywood songs in particular are extremely hard to resist. They get into your blood and your entire being. You become a slave to their power. You feel their energy. Their exuberance. Their joyous abandon. And, most importantly, you feel a part of them. You can relate to them on an emotional level. You know their pain. Their ecstasy. Their sorrow.

They give you a high like no other music ever can.

The most important thing for you to do right now is to go to sleep and continue the practice tomorrow. But, tonight, I want you to let yourself go with the flow. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

I promise you, after you listen to these songs a few times, you will never again be able to listen to any other kind of music. It will become impossible for you to even think about creating songs that are not Indian in origin.

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