Allahabad Music: Best music genres to listen to

We at Allahabad Music, as one of the best sites to listen to and download music, have tried to get all genres of music available to us and to our users. Our aim is to provide users with a way to listen to their favourite music and genre. 

However, with a ton of choices, what genres should you listen to? Read on and find out!


Pop is one of the most popular music genres there is. It is, however, a bit tricky to define what pop music is as it has evolved so much already. Some say that any genre that gains popularity becomes pop music. An example of this is soft rock tracks that are now considered pop. 

Throughout the eighties, pop music has evolved towards more electronic sounds. Artists and music have bridged the gap between classic rock and modern approaches to music.

A characteristic of pop music includes an aim to appeal to a general audience, rather than to a particular sub-culture or ideology. It also places an emphasis on craftsmanship rather than artistic qualities. The structure of many pop songs is that of a verse and a chorus.

Pop music has also been dominated by American and British music industries. Their influence has made pop music something of an international monoculture.

Recently, pop music has been taking its melody and music language from hip-hip with its sub-genres. Electronic and dance elements are still present in modern pop songs. Other influences like Latin sounds often join in to create a diverse, new sound.

Rap and Hip-hop

With some ancient roots planted in the Blues and Gospel, these two genres presented an incredible evolution that made them sort of standard for mainstream music. Creating music with spoken words and electronic sounds became doable even without traditional tools. 

Without a good singing voice or the ability to play an instrument, the first rappers narrated the harshness of life through sharp rhymes and rough sounds. Hip-hop consists of stylized rhythmic music that usually consists of rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech, and at times beatboxing. 

Although rapping is not required in hip-hop music, the genre may also incorporate other elements of hip-hop culture. They’ve also influenced many popular sub-genres. 


One of the best-known genres in music, rock has evolved directly from Blues and became popular. From the US to Great Britain, it slowly but steadily spread across Europe and became the perfect soundtrack in the ideological turmoil in the sixties. 

From the rough style of rock and roll, the genre evolved into more complex styles such as progressive rock. However, it regained its raspy approach through punk rock.

The sound of rock is traditionally centred on amplified electric guitar. It was also supported by an electric bass guitar which pioneered in jazz music, and percussion from drum kits combining drums and cymbals. Other instruments particularly the keyboard also accompanied rock music.

In recent times, rock has slowly lost its popularity and its rebellious input. Other genres started taking over the electronic and digital tool available, as well as the charts. It was also said that the decline of rock was also caused by how social attitudes changed. 

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